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A land of dizzying diversity and mystery, Morocco tugs at the heartstrings and calls to the adventurer in us all. Morocco is located in North Africa, just a short ferry ride from Spain across the Strait of Gibraltar, and acts as the Gateway to Africa. A country of many contrasts, Morocco is defined by the endless dunes of the arid Sahara Desert, the exotic aromas of vibrant souks, lavish palaces and medieval medinas, the rugged mountains, and the glittering Mediterranean coast.

The country looks out onto the Mediterranean Sea to the north, which also boasts the Spanish North African territories of Ceuta and Melilla, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west and borders Algeria to the east. Morocco boasts a melting pot of Berber, European, and Arabian cultures, and enjoys a long and ancient history dotted with romance, mystery, and natural wonder. The capital is Rabat, while the largest city is Casablanca—both of which have international airports that connect to many domestic airports within the country, as well as major destinations across the globe.


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Morocco Travel

Visit a Souk

Step back in time at a colourful souk in the Marrakech medina

Go Camel Trekking

Discover the deserts of Morocco with a camel trekking experience

Explore Ancient Cities

Explore the incredible cities steeped in history

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Are you ready to plan your safari holiday to Morocco?

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Morocco Travel


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