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Air Safari

Adventure across the African Sky

For an entirely different perspective and uniquely enthralling experience, an air safari in Africa will delight to no end. Lasting memories are sure to be created while peering at the vast expanse of the continent’s varied landscapes and casting a wandering and at the same time wondering eye from above.

Whether from the seat of a light aircraft or unobstructed in the basket of a hot-air balloon, visitors will have a bird’s eye view and get the true essence of Africa while exploring remote wilderness areas in this particular manner. To see all things wild and wonderful from another angle—the grasslands, forests, mountains, deserts, water and all species big and small—is a sight to behold.

There are a few details that one needs to be aware of when choosing an air safari in Africa. Specialist operators take the hassle out of the meticulous planning such a venture requires. This convenience does, however, come with a hefty price tag and it is advisable to budget in advance. An excursion in a light aircraft is probably the best option for those with limited time in their itinerary as it makes for easier and quicker travel. If lifting off in a hot-air balloon, safari-goers will get uninterrupted access to the breathtaking vistas of the continent.

African destinations where unique air safaris, in a light aircraft or hot-air balloon, can be experienced are bountiful. In Southern Africa, there is Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe while further north and to the east, the skies of Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya can be explored.

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