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Species Specific Safari

Adventure across Africa

The diverse landscapes of Africa lend themselves to endless options for those visitors who are after a lifelong goal and intend to observe a specific species in its natural and preferred habitat. A species specific safari is in a league of its own when it comes to particular interests.

The continent’s varied ecosystems support a myriad of mammals (more than 1,100), birds (over 2,600), reptiles, amphibians, arthropod and aquatic species. The never-ending grasslands, impenetrable forests, towering mountains, immense deserts and enormous bodies of water harbour these animals, some of which don’t occur anywhere else in the world.

When opting to scan the landscape through binoculars for animals of the feathered kind, coming face-to-face with the big and hairy or getting firsthand conservation knowledge of endangered species, the best is to arrange with the respective specialists in their fields. They are sure to organise the most memorable of experiences.

The gems in this safari crown are undoubtedly those shining for birds, the great apes and rhinos. So whether safari-goers are keen to take flights of fancy, hiking to get up close and personal or observe conservation in action, all preferences, and then some, are catered for.

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Species Specific Safari Ideas

Primate Trekking

Discover a world of primates on a species specific safari.


Bring your binoculars and witness a sky full of birds.

Rhino Conservation Safari

Learn all about the conservation of rhinos in Africa.


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