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Introduction to North Africa

Curious about the accounts of ancient geographers, explorers from yesteryear followed the routes of nomadic people seeking the allure of North Africa? In more recent times, travellers have been touring the same region to unearth even more secrets.

The region is characterised by the Sahara desert in the south, the Atlas Mountains in the west, and the Nile River and delta in the east. Visitors to this part of the world will be delighted by the countless excursions and activities that will fill itineraries for days on end. Culture vultures will be satisfied by ancients sites and partaking in local customs, wildlife lovers will have the opportunity to encounter unique species in their natural habitat and adventure seekers will be able to hike, ski and camel ride through the unique landscapes of the region.

Camel Trekking


Egypt brings out the adventurer in travellers. The country boasts a powerhouse of outdoor recreation to suit any discerning traveller and pocket, and no matter where travellers choose to go, they’ll find the perfect base for exploring the country. History buffs can step back in time when they visit the millennia-old monuments that have stood the test of time. Those wanting a break from the desert can head to one of the many beaches and enjoy some fun in the sun along the Mediterranean coast or the Red Sea.

On the wild side, safari-goers have a handful of national parks to explore where they can observe a variety of unique species, like the Dorcas gazelle and the Barbary sheep. One such destination is the Wadi El Rayan National Park that is a treasure trove of archaeological delights and also UNESCO World Heritage Site.



A country of contrasts, diversity and mystery, Morocco is defined by the endless dunes of the arid Sahara Desert, the exotic aromas of vibrant souks, lavish palaces and medieval medinas, the rugged mountains, and the glittering Mediterranean coast. There is no shortage of excursions and activities on offer. Camel rides at sunset and sunrise are not to be missed as the views of the endless golden sands are unrivalled.

The vast golden deserts are home to the likes of the Fennec fox while the desert dwellers include the golden jackal, the screwhorn antelope, rodents, and the addax. Avid birders should head to the Souss-Massa National Park as it provides a habitat for three colonies of the northern bald ibis.



Steeped in history and packed with diverse natural beauty, Tunisia is a fantastic getaway destination for travellers. Along with the sandy Meditteranean coastline and its beaches, the country boasts a varied landscape defined by the vast expanse of the Sahara Desert, forested coastlines, shimmering salt flats, and bustling cobblestoned streets filled with the scent of jasmine and sea breeze.

The main drawcard for tourists is the stunning stretches of sandy beaches along the Mediterranean coast, with the clear waters at Plage de la Mansoura the most popular. For the adventurers, there are numerous tour operators that organise activities such as camel riding, waterskiing and snorkelling.

The wildlife and birdlife of Tunisia are exceptional for a relatively small country. El Feija National Park holds great aesthetic appeal. The ancient oak forests provide the ideal habitat for forest-dwelling creatures such as foxes, dormouse, deer and the elusive golden jackal.

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