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Meet the Leopard

An expert in stalking and secretive by nature, the leopard is the most solitary of the Big Cats. It is highly skilled in using its short legs, stocky body, and weight of up to 90 kg to drag much bigger prey into the upper reaches of trees, away from eager thieves.

Rosettes consisting of spots grouped tightly and arranged precisely on a cream-yellow fur, make for the ultimate camouflage uniform. Melanistic leopards—black in colour—have been spotted on the slopes of Mount Kenya, while sightings of the so-called morph “strawberry leopard” have been recorded in South Africa.

The leopard has the largest distribution of all cats, with the African landscape its preferred habitat. But through human encroachment, the animal’s home range has shrunk by as much as 75%, and it continues to struggle for existence because of poaching.


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The Big Five

The king of the animal world rules supreme over the grasslands and savannah of sub-Saharan Africa as the second largest cat in the world.


The Big Five

As a senior member of the herd, a matriarch leads several adult cows and their off-spring that includes younger cows and sub-adult bulls. 


The Big Five

Both species of rhino have two horns from keratin growing at the front of their faces. They use it when feeding, to dig up roots or break branches.


The Big Five

The Cape buffalo may present itself as just another bovine. However, its unpredictable mood has given rise to nicknames such as “ widowmaker”.

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