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16 day small group accommodated safari

Departs: Johannesburg
Ends: Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe)
South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana


Prepare for a safari. Combine Zimbabwe, Botswana, and South Africa’s best game parks for an unforgettable safari adventure. After visiting Kruger, travel to Zimbabwe and go on a wildlife drive in Matobo and Hwange National Parks. Cross into Botswana for the stunning Okavango Delta after a dramatic stop at Victoria Falls.


Limited Participation: An essential part of your safari is some participation. From carrying your own bag to cleaning your window and packing the truck in the morning – it’s all part of your adventure and when everyone puts in a little effort the trip will run smoothly. Where the tour leaders provide meals we ask that clients help (on rotation) with the washing up.


Visitors are afforded some of the best game viewing and cultural explorations available over three Southern African countries. This fully accommodated tour offers adventure at an affordable cost.

Dates & Prices

This tour departs at 06h30 from Johannesburg, South Africa. You will need to fly into OR Tambo International airport (JNB) in Johannesburg the day before the tour starts, as there is an early start on day 1.

The tour ends at approximately 18h00 in Johannesburg, at the hotel. We do a free of charge drop off at Johannesburg airport on the last day of the tour, day 16, at approximately 17h00. You can therefore book an outward flight departing after 19h00 on the last day of the tour from Johannesburg.

If you would like to book any pre-tour or post-tour accommodation, please indicate your required airport transfers and the number of nights required when you submit your enquiry below.

Please note that you can also end this tour on day 15 at 08h00 in Maun, Botswana = ZBa15. You could then book a flight from Maun (MUB) to Johannesburg (JNB) instead of driving back to Johannesburg, South Africa on the last day of the tour.

Start DateEnd DateTour CodeLanguageDeparture StatusPriceTrip Status
2023-04-292023-05-14ZBa16GermanGuaranteed€2,680.00Fully BookedFULL
2023-05-062023-05-21ZBa16EnglishGuaranteed€2,680.00Fully BookedFULL
2023-05-132023-05-28ZBa16EnglishGuaranteed€2,680.00LimitedBOOK NOW
2023-05-202023-06-04ZBa16EnglishGuaranteed€2,680.00LimitedBOOK NOW
2023-06-032023-06-18ZBa16EnglishGuaranteed€2,680.00LimitedBOOK NOW
2023-06-102023-06-25ZBa16EnglishGuaranteed€2,680.00LimitedBOOK NOW
2023-06-172023-07-02ZBa16GermanGuaranteed€2,680.00Fully BookedFULL
2023-06-242023-07-09ZBa16EnglishGuaranteed€2,680.00LimitedBOOK NOW
2023-07-012023-07-16ZBa16EnglishGuaranteed€2,680.00Fully BookedFULL
2023-07-082023-07-23ZBa16EnglishGuaranteed€2,680.00Fully BookedFULL
2023-07-152023-07-30ZBa16EnglishGuaranteed€2,680.00Fully BookedFULL
2023-07-222023-08-06ZBa16EnglishGuaranteed€2,680.00Fully BookedFULL
2023-07-292023-08-13ZBa16GermanGuaranteed€2,680.00Fully BookedFULL
2023-08-052023-08-20ZBa16GermanGuaranteed€2,680.00Fully BookedFULL
2023-08-122023-08-27ZBa16EnglishGuaranteed€2,680.00Fully BookedFULL
2023-08-192023-09-03ZBa16EnglishGuaranteed€2,680.00LimitedBOOK NOW
2023-08-262023-09-10ZBa16EnglishGuaranteed€2,680.00Fully BookedFULL
2023-09-022023-09-17ZBa16GermanGuaranteed€2,680.00Fully BookedFULL
2023-09-092023-09-24ZBa16EnglishGuaranteed€2,680.00Fully BookedFULL
2023-09-162023-10-01ZBa16GermanGuaranteed€2,680.00Fully BookedFULL
2023-09-232023-10-08ZBa16EnglishGuaranteed€2,680.00Fully BookedFULL
2023-09-302023-10-15ZBa16EnglishGuaranteed€2,680.00Fully BookedFULL
2023-10-072023-10-22ZBa16GermanGuaranteed€2,680.00Fully BookedFULL
2023-10-142023-10-29ZBa16EnglishGuaranteed€2,680.00Fully BookedFULL
2023-10-212023-11-05ZBa16EnglishGuaranteed€2,680.00Waitlist OnlyBOOK NOW
2023-10-282023-11-12ZBa16EnglishGuaranteed€2,680.00AvailableBOOK NOW
2023-11-042023-11-19ZBa16GermanGuaranteed€2,680.00Fully BookedFULL
2023-11-112023-11-26ZBa16EnglishGuaranteed€2,680.00AvailableBOOK NOW
2023-11-182023-12-03ZBa16EnglishGuaranteed€2,680.00AvailableBOOK NOW
2023-11-252023-12-10ZBa16English€2,680.00AvailableBOOK NOW
2023-12-162023-12-31ZBa16English€2,680.00AvailableBOOK NOW


Booking Form

Please note: This is merely a provisional reservation. One of our Safari Experts will be in contact with you to confirm and finalise your chosen reservation. PLEASE do not book any flights or make ANY travel arrangements until we have confirmed your reservation. 

 A 20% deposit secures your space and then the balance is paid 60 days prior to departure. If you have any queries, contact our Safari Experts today on 0203 4759929.

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