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Camel Trekking in North Africa

The African continent has long been associated with exploration, with a great number of discoveries made by camel trekking. It is, therefore, no wonder that camel trekking has become part and parcel of a safari to these shores, whether for only a couple of hours or a couple of days.

This is most certainly a unique way to explore the myriad of terrains of this vast and expanse landscape. Highlights of this kind of travel experience include a different vantage point of breathtaking scenery and wildlife, an immersion into local cultures and a taste of what life is like in the deserts of this immense continent. And the best of all? A night sky like no other.

Expert guides are at the helm of these sojourns into the desert wilderness areas of Africa. This allows safari-goers to relax and enjoy a 360 view of the astonishing environment. If partaking in an overnight trek, the most sublime sunsets and sunrises await participants. Not to mention mouthwatering traditional meals served over a crackling fire.

The best time to book an African camel trekking experience is between October and May as the temperatures are more bearable for both humans and camels. Just be aware that nighttime temperatures in the desert during December and January can drop considerably.

Popular Destinations for Camel Trekking


The deserts of the country are discovered during camel trekking journeys departing from major cities and lasting for up to 12 days. Along the way, stops will be made at monuments like the Great Mosque of Kairouan and the Colosseum at El Djem.


Observe the country’s varied landscape from a different vantage point. Criss-cross the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara desert while stopping at fortified cities like Aït Benhaddou. Enjoy traditional local cuisine along the way and in the shade of waving palm trees.


Situated in the north of Africa, there are many choices for exploring the country on a camel. These include departures from resorts around Cairo where the spectacular sights of the Sahara and Sinai, the Great Sand Sea and the Arada Canyon can be seen.

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