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Horseback safari experience in Africa

The great statesman Winston Churchill once said of horses: “No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle”. And this is the absolute truth when it comes to a horseback safari in Africa—a unique and all-encompassing wildlife experience.

Horseback Safari

What to expect

Getting in the saddle to marvel at the wild and wonderful creatures of the continent is about so much more than a mere trot across the landscape. Using this particular animal as a safari vehicle is sure to bring about enthralling encounters of the natural kind for young and old.

With a properly trained and experienced guide at the helm, encounters of the close kind, with especially plains game, can be expected during a horseback safari. These type of animals generally won’t recognise the rider as separate from the horse, and this relaxed atmosphere makes for a memorable experience.

Horseback safaris are gaining in popularity as it can be adapted to make provision for all budgets, the different levels of experience of participants, as well as different age groups. For the more experienced riders, there are excursions in areas where the Big 5 roam, while families can wander where no dangerous animals are present.

The best destinations for horseback safaris

Discover one of the most diverse wildlife landscapes on the continent, including Mashatu, Moremi, and the Okavango Delta, from the unique perspective of a saddle. Trott through the countless channels and waterways while scanning the sublime surroundings for creatures big and small.

From the Waterberg to the Lowveld to the Kalahari, add a twist to exploring the wilderness areas of the country by doing it on horseback. These equines are sure to stand firm when encountering any animal, from docile antelopes to the country’s more fearsome predators.

There are a handful of opportunities to stay in stride with the great numbers of animals that congregate in and around the Serengeti National Park. Lucky visitors may even have the chance to see the phenomena that is the Great Migration when millions of wildebeest kick up dust between May and July.

The rolling hills of the Laikipia Plateau and the Borana Conservancy lend perfectly to a safari excursion of this kind—where countless wild and wonderful species will be encountered. The renowned Maasai Mara, with its vast open stretches, playing a crucial part in the spectacle that is the Great Migration, is an open invitation to grab hold of the reins.