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Canoeing in Africa

The watery ways of Africa are the life-force of the continent’s fauna and flora, while at the same time making way for wildlife viewing from a distinct angle. On a canoeing or mokoro safari, gliding and drifting along the continent’s rivers, lakes, and lagoons visitors will be able to engage with a myriad of creatures, making unforgettable memories.


What to expect

Whether braving roaring waters, leisurely paddling or meandering wistfully, when attempting Africa’s large bodies of water, safari-goers will bear witness to the triumphs and struggles of Mother Nature and her inhabitants. These include those species at the top of the food chain like menacing crocodiles, floating hippos, and swaying elephants. Those who pose not much of a threat vary from countless bird species and a handful of aquatic species to others who come and nourish their thirsty bodies.

When choosing a safari conducted via these unique vessels to discover the unspoilt areas of the continent, experienced water guides and rangers will be at the helm. And without too much exertion, participants will be immersed in a world filled with the sights and sounds of the true wilderness.

Canoeing and mokoro safaris offer a rare view of life in and along the rivers and lakes of Africa. As exciting and exhilarating as it sounds, such a venture should only be conducted with the assistance of tour operators with the necessary expertise. Furthermore, travellers should be moderately fit, especially if paddling themselves. For a more relaxed outing, travellers can go the route of being steered by a ranger or guide.

Across African Waterways

When going the canoe route, visitors will have the option to buddy up with a fellow-traveller and together make their way from one overnight stop to the next. The accompanying guide will act as a lookout for the dangers lurking below while also pointing out curious onlookers from the banks.

For the most relaxing safari-experience, the mokoro allows safari-goers to marvel at other aspects of the natural world and leave the steering to the experts. These dug-out canoes are traditionally made from sturdy wood and glide effortlessly through the water while being moved forward by a poler at the back.

There is no shortage in Africa when it comes to deciding on a spot for a canoe or mokoro safari. The immense and grandiose rivers and lakes of the continent are quintessential locations for some of the most memorable adventures.

The best rivers and lakes for canoeing

Chobe River in Botswana

The Chobe River in Botswana

Kafue River in Zambia

The Kafue River in Zambia

Canoeing on Lake Albert in Uganda

Lake Albert in Uganda

Zambezi River in Zambia/Zimbabwe

Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi in Malawi

Nile River in Uganda

The Nile River in Uganda.

Okavango Delta in Botswana

The Okavango Delta in Botswana.