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Private Safaris in Africa

There are few better ways to get back in touch with nature than escaping with family and friends to one of the most extraordinary places on Earth for some of the best private safaris. Imagine an exciting, intimate trip to the heart of Africa. Not only is your accommodation private but all the other safari aspects are. From a charter plane to fly between camps to your guide who will help you find that elusive leopard and the best spots for wildlife sightings. All opt-in activities like cultural tours, walking safaris, helicopter flips, picnics and wine tastings can be included in all private safaris.

At Wild Safari Guide, our private safaris are enhanced precisely because they are private. Each moment during our private safaris is personal, and every experience is an opportunity for a shared connection and a chance to reconnect with the great outdoors of Africa. Tailor-made with safari-goers and their travel companions in mind, these luxury, all-inclusive private safaris will accommodate you in excellent accommodation with unrivalled views, private swimming pools, and all the creature comforts of home. Additional benefits include 24/7 security, parking, Jacuzzis, and personal chefs. Perfect for families or honeymoons, our private safaris in Africa provide a phenomenal experience in the wild—the ultimate retreat for you and your loved ones, with every day taken care of.

Our safari experts will tailor-make private safaris based on your specific tastes and preferred travel dates, ensuring you make the most of your time in one of our fantastic destinations in Africa.

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