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Explore Africa on a mobile tented safari

Experience the true essence of Africa and fulfil the soul with an enriching mobile tented safari. Go back to yesteryear and walk in the footsteps of those who came before, and explore the continent and its rich wildlife.

Mobile Tented Safari

What to expect

A mobile tented safari is an adventure and caters to those who are after a rare kinship with Mother Nature. Far from the madding crowds and exploring the lesser-known spots of the continent, an experience such as this is often repeated because of its enticing nature and guaranteed excellent sightings in silence.

When choosing to go the mobile tented safari route, there are a variety of experienced operators to consider. All have access to exclusive areas with the right infrastructure to conduct this type of excursion in the best way possible. While some opt to set-up and break-down camp every day while crisscrossing the landscape, others have permanent structures unobtrusively scattered around the bush.

This type of safari is the best of both worlds. For purists who seek an exclusive connection with all things wild and wonderful, no barrier exists between them and the inhabitants of the natural world. And what can be better than being woken up by the whooping sounds of hyenas close by, with the echos of roaring lions in the distance? The creature comforts of home are also catered for, albeit on a different level—proper beds, hot showers, and delectable meals.

Packing Essentials

There are a few essential items that need to be packed when going on a mobile tented safari:
— Head torch
— Camera and binoculars
— Light backpack
— Water bottle
— Neutral coloured clothing (no bright colours)
— Comfortable walking shoes
— Sunscreen and a hat
— Rain jacket

The best destinations for a mobile tented safari

Having a different home each night somewhere in the famed Kalahari desert or even the Makgadikgadi salt pans, will ensure a spectacular safari. Dream away about encounters in the remote corners of this untamed wilderness.

Safariing all across this East African safari gem, with the Serengeti and Ngorongoro the crown jewels, is an undertaking not to disregard. In the west, Katavi and Mahale will take visitors on a magic ride, while Selous and Ruaha in the south are sure to deliver magical moments.

Experience this land with a kaleidoscope of wildlife and cultures while moving through the landscape—from sleeping under the stars in Samburu National Reserve and touching the sacred ground of the Maasai Mara, to getting aquatinted with the species of Laikipia.